Thursday, August 26, 2010

NO THEFT x Pablo Trucker

Pablo Trucker is working on their full length record right now. HUHZAH! I love em and their tunes. You may get to hear some new tunes at this show!

I started this poster on type. I usually see the rest of a piece around type. I stared at Pablo Trucker for 3 days in this masking I did using the font Alte Haas Grotesk. I then looked at old WWI black & white photos that i've been collecting and found a great one to base the image off of. I wanted to make it look like a book cover, something that you'd want to turn the page to find out why he's got his eyebrow cocked up and maybe at who its attention is given to. I haven't used my drawings with masking yet, so this is a step into another new direction. Design is endless.

GO to this show, it's gonna own. I'll be there too!

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