Monday, August 2, 2010

After Years of Waiting

J Crew delivers. I've been on a cardigan hunt for 4 years now. Each season I've been let down by quality & fit. This year J Crew made the cut/color/blend that i find just great! A proper cardigan is an investment that a gentleman should welcome. I've had my current cardigan for about 6 years now and it's time for a new one. It's functional, perfect for dress up/dress down, and really ties an outfit together. Looks great open & closed too, I can't say enough about a well made cardigan. Seasonally it's great, just perfect for the entrance of Fall as well as the start of the spring when its warming up but you still need some sleeves.

Now I'm going to sell one of my younger brothers to Egypt and then grovel my way back and depend on him years later when the famine strikes. This is my scheme to purchase the above.


Rb. said...

Now, credit cards aren't exactly *awesome* but using one to buy a cardigan would be superior to recreating Genesis.

ben said...

look at that guy! :)

The Body Electric said...

AHAHAHA, selling your brother....hee hee. Only funny because it's not true....right? Although, would we really blame you? I mean LOOK at that cardigan.

And do mine eyes deceive me or is that a scruffless face!?!??!?

PS. I have STILL never set foot inside a J. Crew store.

Matthew said...

Are we similar body types? I'm going to have to scope J.Crew next time I'm in the Chi (although the closest one is an outlet...if I find it on sale I'll let you know). Your face looks more rectangle these days. It must be the haircut and glasses.

I'm on the lookout for new glasses. I'll keep you posted :)