Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gearing up for the Fall with modesty

In the past week i've sold quite a bit of my clothing for groceries sake. This has made me 1) cherish my remaining articles 2) made me want to live more simply 3) in that modesty having premium quality articles that last.

In saying that I'm on a mission for: A new casual & dress belt | J.Crew cardigan from a previous post | 3 fitted collar shirts that can handle tucked in our out & about | 2 bow ties | 5 more pairs of subtly interesting dress socks | a pair of corduroy's | and these Eastland gems beneath | AND a Falls scent of course.

1 comment:

The Body Electric said...

what do you mean by "falls scents" as in a specific cologne?

As for the other items and the shoes....I approve, yes indeedy! As always, well done!