Wednesday, April 14, 2010


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Josh of Young Lions gave me a shout 2 days ago about doing a poster for em. I'm a huge fan of this gent as well as the Pablo Trucker chaps. Earlier in that day I had started a drawing project of this deep sea diver wrestling an octopus and as soon as I got the call I decided that somehow the poster would reflect this. It took me WAY to long to draw, but as soon as I scanned it in I saw the time was justified. 2 colors off set from each other for a tip of the hat to my screen poster love and then I made the type presence as little as possible outside of the band names. I also thinned out the staple 11x17 specs to put a little more visual pressure on the image. I really dig it, its probably 9.5x17 now. I darkened the khaki on the sea diver to pull it off the page and kept the octopi light like the background so it kinda has this feeling that he's squishing him on the page, in my head i imagine a dude duck taped to a wall. This is my second drawn poster and I'm excited to see where and how this flourishes in other projects I pursue.

Sometimes an idea comes so quick and when it does I usually like it completely without many revisions. It might be that the turnaround was soon and that I like the challenge of short time lines. I wonder why some things take a taxing deliberation w/ test & trial, and why some are effortless. I'm going to examine my methods closer and take note on what happens in both situations.

I really want to be at this show personally, so if you can make it, do it, it's gonna be a sweet gem.

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Dallas said...

This poster, that drawing, is absolutely amazing! I thought for sure you had found it online somewhere. Boy was my face red when I read that you'd personally thought it up and sketched it up. Extremely nice work, sir!