Thursday, April 1, 2010

NO THEFT x Trevor Davis

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I love working for the Q cafe. Have I said that enough? I just finished my first all hand drawn poster. This concept came to me while I was looking at my old 1st grade lunch box that I littered with outer space stickers and decided to draw a couple planets and this space ship. I then saw in my head a special 70's type treatment and the colors worked perfect. The whole time I was bringing in the drawings into illustrator I was thinking to myself 'what would my friend Malachi do?' 'how would he do the composition?', this was an experiment of sorts that I had no idea of the outcome. After a couple friends looked at it and gave me their thoughts, I decided to commit to it, EVERYTHING would have to be drawn.

I'd say the oddest thing about this piece is that outer space is suppose to be dark! BUT I like that at the same time. I've started to keep little odd things in my work, things that kind of bother me, things that I wouldn't think perfect because it adds new character & it makes me look at the print in a diff way. I know it will expand my design perceptions as well. I'm always in for buffing up my theory.

Give Mr. Trevor Davis a listen HERE !


jennifer young said...

wow this is great tommy!
i use to looooveee trevor!
haven't heard him in a while!

ben said...

I've never seen anything like this from you. Dude, having outer space white might breaking the rules, but that what will set your design apart.

Tony Kevin said...


Malachi Ward said...

This is awesome!