Friday, November 13, 2009

Panigot Blood

Yesterday I got to see my brother Elliott for burgers & Barnes/Nobles. I always forget how much bigger he is than me. His hair is crazy long! He is an intelligent kid, we went to check some mags and I was picking up Print/Nylon Guys/Baseline he was picking up Discover, National Geo., and in the science section. His past time reading are all things science/physics. Huh? wow. He than explained why nerves work and all things related to black holes, this was while I was looking at design stuff. It took a lot of energy on my part to understand the jargon and building block principles he was laying down. OH and I found out two sweet things 1) He is a big Raconteur and Dead Weather fan! 2) that he has a date this weekend!

While I was in my bros house I saw my brothers Zac Navy photo! It came in a huge frame, with this metal crest at the bottom, pretty shnazzy. He graduating at the top of his class, with 2 promotions, and an officer title. I'm really really proud of him, he'll be stationed in San Diego so I might be able to see him this Christmas while I'm down in SoCal for LGCs' trip.

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Melissa said...

its incredible how much those two look alike... crazy!