Saturday, November 7, 2009

I just caught up a bit with an artist whom is pretty mainstream these days and whom we actually played a show with in the past. I caught up with this artist cuz i was looking for a guitarist from a band that split up a couple yrs ago and wanted to see what he was up to. This led me to find out that he was playing for this solo kid. I listened to several of the new songs and was just bored. There was no melody, pure formula, and relied on harmony for strength. ugh. The tipping point was when the artist used the words 'i'm tired of hearing the same old song'. WOW. Bland, mediocre, and taking up space. How is this considered music? Goodness gracious.

I'm surrounded by AMAZING artists whose characters match their music genius. I feel so blessed to be in such company, and I want them to have all/more than what this artist is achieving with crap tunes. Shoot, music needs to return to the Stax days, just sayin', and i want to be apart of that return. The Denouement, Paper Astronomer, Tony Kevin, Karli Fairbanks, Le Wrens, The Globes, Noah G, these kids take the cake. Please don't waste your time with the nonsense out there when there are such incredibly gifted people around locally who are pouring life into a daily struggle to share music with you.

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