Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mona Bone Jakon

While Mdot and I were shooting film around Ballard we stopped by Sonic Boom and right there in the new used section, face out, was this Cat Stevens record Mona Bone Jakon,crisp as the day it was made! 4 BONES later, I'm a very pleased man. I had never heard of this record, it's terrific. Peter Gabriel guest appears on it playing flute?! And on the song "Maybe You're Right" it has this classic old Elton John/Kinks piano part. On the song "I think I see the light" there's this Carol King "I felt the earth move" piano groove, really tasty. The sound of the guitar is like when I put my head down on the guitar to hear the texture of the pick hitting the strings. YUM! This is such a remarkable find!

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