Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This week is dedicated to getting ready for the tour, this includes final booking confirmations, screen printing tote bags, prayer, and practicing ;D Today we mixed in new parts to some of our older songs that brings a more gospel/spiritual vein into what we do. Twas amazin! I can't wait to record our next 3 albums and EP. YUM. WE also got our test proof of the vinyl and listened to it on my Fisher Price turntable that i've had since i was 5, if it sounds amazin on it, i'm sure its WAY better on the legit setup. It's so wild to see the record spinning and thinking 'whoa..i was apart of this?' theres something about vinyl that steps up the game for us boot strappers as well as setting a standard of sorts on our future releases. pro gear pro attitude ;D

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