Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All in my head or tummy?

When your pain scale is registering the highest degree it puts things into perspective. I've been thinking the following in different waves and recycles in the past week:

1) I only have one body, so i need to do whatever it takes to keep it around and get feelin better no matter the cost, i'd rather be alive in debt than not ;D 2) How much longer? What's gonna make this go away? 3) Tell my peeps to pray for me and make sure they know i'm super grateful for their prayers when they tell me that i'm in their prayers 4) Man i sure hope Jesus comes soon 5) Is there a lesson for me to learn? 6) Advil/Aleve do NOT cut any of this pain, what the deuce?! In my head i feel the chemicals, but where it hurts? NOPE 7) Man am i surrounded by the best people 8) I can't sing unless i'm on my back, ugh 9) Stay busy, do a lot of reading 10) be strict on my activity, don't risk doing anything that could make this worse, its NOT worth it. 11) when is a good time to make a will? 12) HELP!

I've been thinking all of these things everyday in diff. orders & in repeat for the past week or so.


ben blood said...

oh boy. I'll mail you an extra large band aid. or perhaps some of these:


Steph said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're in such physical distress! :-( I can sympathize; a couple years ago I had a herniated disk in my back and couldn't move/walk for 2 weeks. Most pain I'd ever been in, EVER. Sorry you're going through this. I know it sucks, but remember (I'm sure you do already, but just in case), this is all part of God's greater plan, even if we don't know it yet. You're in my prayers, yo.

Heatherly said...

We'll be all prayers for you friend.