Friday, October 9, 2009

My Scot boys

TRAVIS has long been one of my fav. bands. Their last 2 records were not solid all the way thru but still had some good stuff in it. The Man Who is probably in my top 20 albums of all time, just love it to bits. Fran & Andy are doing a special tour thru the states playing acoustic versions of their songs and playing up to 2 hrs at each show! My beef is, why isn't this coming to Seatown?! What the deuce! Apparently they have a slide show behind their shows of snaps from their hometown Scotland that they talk about between songs, pretty sweet. I'd love to see that.

Also i think Chris Martin should release a solo record that is strictly acoustic, I think that would regain a lot of fans from the Parachutes' days, and bring some musical cred back to the brit outfit. Hearing his voice with that mahogany Martin that he plays always gets me. I think this would be a a nice career move and musically something i'd really enjoy listening to.

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