Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lacoste: My First Love

SEE MORE at Le Grand Cru


Nathan Edwards said...


i thought you might like these as well..



TIP TOP said...

you have a lot of first loves...

lacoste, shoes in general, avocados...

Matthew said...

I. Miss. You. Immma try to see Vanja this week or next. Can you wear size 7 shoes (I think 8 in Lacoste, seems to run smaller)? I have these white Lacoste golf/soccer/cleat-ish/something shoes I don't like that much. I think they look great but feel bleh. You should totally try them on. I bought a new cardigan sweater that has a good. I like it because of the hood.

Tommy, I was out west last week! But not Seattle. But I have an engineer friend out that way so I totally want to visit her/you/geniusness.

But perhaps the genii that is Vanj-vaaang will be the sole visit for now.

For now.


DeAnna said...

what's with you and white shoes?
ha ha. it's good. :)