Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heritage Singer

I'm home removing a collapsing ceiling and redoing the 2nd floor of my moms home.

We just finished going thru 10 decades worth of stuff and found some pretty amazing finds, old records, pictures i've never seen of my great/great great grandparents, old poetry and drawings by my brother and i, and LOADS of dust. Cough Cough. Above is such a find! The gent on the bottom right is my great grandfather Carr on my mothers side. My Papa was going to name my middle name after his but in France it doesn't show up as a Catholic name, so i got stuck with Gabriel. The crazy thing is that i look a lot like my great grand father, eyes & ears, and something cool about this photo is that from what we think, its a picture taken after their baptism and the scrolls in their hands is the certificate.

This picture has been on my grandmothers piano downstairs since we found it and today i just sat down at the piano and started writing a song while looking at it. It's funny the things that will inspire you, and today a piece of my heritage has touched me. The song in progress is called "Giving Shoulders" and its a piano song in the vein of the era i believe with a tip of the hat to Gershwin/brazil/and my grandma Mary Lou Carr. I hope it will be a GV song in the near future, we already have one called Mary Lou! hehehe..


Anonymous said...

very cool! my parents were recently shuffling through a bunch of old treasures and found my great grandpa's baptism certificate. it's so beautiful i hung it on my wall next to my computer. lot's of lilies and a dove and fancy old timey handwriting.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That's really neat!

when my Grandma was alive, we lived with her in her really old farmhouse, one day we were going through old stuff, and stumbled upon the Abstract Title for the house. It had detailed history of the prior owners, and a time line of when all of the buildings were constructed. It was fascinating. We sat around all night reading it.. unfortunately, it was very dusty, and we are all allergic to dust, and had to spend the next day recuperating. But... it was well worth it!

Glad to hear you are having a good time in Michigan, despite all the labor of having to rebuild a ceiling & floor... sounds like you and your mom are having some quality memories :)

Lindsey Painter said...

That's so awesome Tommy! What a cool find! I love old stuff like that.

Steph said...

Wow! 10 decades' worth? How old is your house, anyway? That's a lovely photo. And before I even read the blog, I knew the man on bottom right must be related to you. The ears did it! :-)

TIP TOP said...

those ears stick out WAY farther than yours my dear. but i definitely see the resemblance :)

Ben said...

Woah! Crazy! Old photos are fun to look at and try and figure out who the people are in them.

Miss you friend - hope you're not working too hard! :P

TIP TOP said...

looking at this again...your great grandpa's baptismal certificate is twice as long as the the other guys, does that mean he was twice as cleansed? and how come the ladies get left out of the certificates, what kind of a society was this?! or maybe the ladies shared a certificate with the guys and that means that your great grandpa had twice as many of the ladies....hehehe

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