Monday, March 30, 2009


I may have posted about this record before, in fact i'm sure i have.

On a 9 hour drive thru the night crossing from Utah to Idaho i played this album from beginning to end and since have played thru this album every other day since. I like every song on this record a lot. I think its flawless from their high intensity rock 'n roll to the 2 guitar ballad picking instrumental. Dave's vocals are always convicting in their fierce delivery and in their falsetto. I feel like there aren't many rock bands anymore genuinely producing quality both in tune and message. Rock n' Roll to me is about digging into life even by your finger nails if need be, and examining the joys & anguish that comes from maturing. I also think that Rock n' Roll is a prophet of the times in a way cuz it's used to speak up, talk about justice, point out societal needs, cast light on corruptness, and does so in a melodic and sometimes brutal way. It's not always pretty, but fruitful. This kinda sounds like i'm canonizing Rock n' Roll, for me at least, it has kept me conscious about the world around me and aided to the fanning of the flame when i touch a guitar.

I can think of a couple other bands i would consider rock n' roll that are currently playing: B.R.M.C, Raconteurs, Delta Spirit, Black Keys, The Strokes, Thrice. They may bleed into some other genres, but at the core their roots are plugged into a socket. I think blues is the same way, its honesty and that's why I like Rock n' Roll as well.

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