Friday, February 6, 2009

Tony Kevin: Watch Out

We as in GV discovered Tony Kevin months back at a Starbucks show. We walk in and boom he's playing my favorite Cademons Call song and then takes it up a notch (this dial goes to 11) and pumps out a song by a hero of mine Steven Delopoulos. If his covers didn't convince you that he was to ligit to quit his voice did the owning. Lets name some Vocal ownage: Matthew from Delta Spirit, David from Foo Fighters, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Glenn Hassard. These kids have an umistakable conviction in every note that they pull from the bottom of their lungs. Enter Tony Kevin: Even in simple practicing he gives his most just as much as he does live and even if he practices the same part over and over the conviction remains the same. His vocal delivery in his tender/smooth falsetto is as powerful as his room occupying vocal charge. I'm a HUGE fan and I'm convinced this world will be soon. We've had the pure fun of backing him up and we've looked for ways to getting him exposure and now he's starting to do more shows and in my book its overdue!

Tony got ahold of me this morning with a request of a poster and i was delighted to help, i'd do whatever it takes to see him do music full time and i don't say that lightly, i believe in his calling, gift, and character. Here's the poster i did for him. If you aren't doing anything on the eve of valentines, take some time for yourself, rest back and take in what Tony has to offer while its still inexpensive to see him. Visit Tony Kevin and listen to some of his demos and give him a shout!

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tawny. said...

irv and i would love to see you!

just let me know when and where. u can get my number from vanja.

oh and bring some new lgc shirts along. =]