Friday, February 6, 2009

Time Piece

I've been needing a watch forever now and i'm about to crazy without one. I can always look at it on my phone, BUT my phone has no alarm! LAME and you don't have to charge a watch! So THERE!

My favorite watches growing up were the paratrooper/army watches, very clean, nice olive green band, if it had dates on it BONUS. These days my tastes have launched on to the post war japanese brand Casio who kicked things into gear in 53' after world domination dropped off their priority list. These are some of my favorite vintage Casio has to offer, the middle is my fav, MMMMm... D'lish! YUM!


Anonymous said...

your phone doesnt have an alarm?!

I like the middle one, it's very moderne!

Aaron M said...

I looked at the watches before I did any reading and the middle one was my fav too. I think it should be on your wrist next time I see you.