Monday, February 9, 2009

GETnit' done son!

K listen-> myoung, dallas, and moi hit the sunday with work hours, ideas, and push. We are stoked about the launch of our site coming up with PURCHASING ABILITIES (AHHHHh,...SNAP!) and with it the official LGC blog where we'll splurge from the clean aesthetics of our site with behind the scenes stuff, photos, videos, what we think is tight from music, products, places blah blah blah. And there'll be a place where the public can submit to it as well, twitter stuff, peaks at products coming....its all so good and its amazing to be apart of something that is taking off like this, there's nothing like it unless your in a band with tric and bruce...oh wait..hehehe... i gots to share here's a sneak peak of the blog!

Kids it comes soon!


the great said...
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Heatherly said...

tommy, you impress me more and more everyday.

TIP TOP said...

there's 'nothing quite like it, except for my girlfriend'...just finishing the sentence ;) heh heh.

Angela McPherson said...

Tommy. Hey friend. I just wanted you to know that I've been especially compelled to pray for a) you, Bruce and Patrick in your music and your lives overall, and b) LGC. Honestly. So I've been lifting you up--and truly believe that what you are doing is meaningful. Thank you for letting Christ shine through your heart, thank you for choosing altruism, and I am sending all my encouragement from here.

P.s. You've all inspired me. I started a blogspot of my .