Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm a believer now

For years i've respected the necessity of layers in lasagna, fall/winter season, 7-layer at taco bell without the guac cuz its nasty, painting walls, yummy cakes, sheet/blanket/duvet, and NOW in Illustrator. For the love of all thats good i've learned thru many hours that colors deserve their right to their own layer. I now respect layers. OUCH.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

SOON, Maybe.

This is the plan if i have the courage to make it that long with the crumb snatcha'!

Jambi Tags- Thee likes

Jambilla (in my pals as jambi keeps me cool) spit out a proper list of pleasantries that cause her joy and tagged me up to do the same so heres a bit of my currents.

Avacado's sliced on toast with a thin layer of swiss
melted with green onions YUMMERS!

Black shoes, Black Jeans, Black Jean Jacket,
Black Socks, Black T-shirt

My mustache, when i can twist it, i'll snap it, then shave it off!

Sharpie markers have been my means of beauty

Coming up with new cool lingo
ex. current favorite "Bent on that trope"
meaning 'to like an idea'

Hearing Jambilla talk, its a linguistic adventure/inspiration

Drawing/researching/studying for Le Grand Cru

Working and being in a routine of sleeping/eating/social time

Turning on my heating blanket
15 min. before bed so its nice and cozy

Watching the Celtics


Silk Shakes

Making new friends (kids at work)

Sleeping in a bed again

W.I.R.E.D magazine

NOT SHAVING>i detest shaving

SUPRA, Creative Recreation, La Coq, Clae,Ben Sherman KICKS!

Charlie Browns "Christmas Time is Here" song


Learning the lessons as a Son being grafted in and learning the patience that can only come of being in the fire


Art Par Avion

I file papers, enter transcripts, copy IDs all day long. The best part of the day is when the mail comes and stacks up in the inbox. This university being a place of international renown means from time to time we get wonderful stamps and diff. standard sizes of envelopes. Sometimes i cut open the envelopes and draw on them, and recently cutting out the long strips of stamps to laminate them into bookmarks! These are 2 of my recent pieces. As soon as i get a scanner again i'll scan my godzilla scene i did on a Honk Kong stamped envelope, I know he's suppose to be Japanese, but something about the script inspired me.

This is the first girl i've drawn and done in my ugly teeth sticking out people
i draw a lot.
And my birth year! REPRESENT!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Scribbles a Day!

In an earlier blog i mentioned drawing everyday in a book by the inspiration of Chris, so here's a bit of my scribbles!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

1 of 3

Today is a day to highlight with a fat stroke of neon yellow. The 20th of March marks me seeing one of my top 3 bands. DELTA SPIRIT! woot woot! It's going to be glorious! why?



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Don't Stash it away

I have a mustache. Last time i did this it was a big mistake. I wore it for a month and all pictures of that period are a regret. Then why grow one now? I have no pacts with other bands, i'm not about to be in a eccentric indie flic, i'm not a Tsar, what the dilly bar tommy? I'll tell you the first reason why i started, it was Darjeeling limited and eric halder and i's love fore wes anderson, we decided during our viewing that we needed to make a short film and that we should have stashes on our face, that didn't happen (well not yet that is, i still believe!) and then i watched no country for old men and this gent has a MEAN mustache, its so serious, with conviction. SO i've kept my stash with regards, tip of my hat, twist of the stash to Darjeeling and No country. "lets do whatever the tv tells us" k National, in this area, you gets a high five. oh and heres a snap, i'm not sure how long i should keep this, but maybe long enough to twist the ends! or maybe until it looks normal on my face, and then i shave it off and make people feel weird around me cuz i look so different without it!

Moo haha Moo haha

The Great Growth

Soon Mdot and I will be going public with all the work we've been putting into these past 5 months of working, calling, texting, video chat meetings, scribbling, dreaming, preparing. All these ings' will be visible April 11, thanks to Ben Blood you can have another clue to our expose

I haven't been this excited and scared before, but every step Mdot and I have put into this has proven more successful.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Paper Bound!

Kitsune Noir (in my pals list as best design blog ever) is a mean treat of sweet goodness in the blog world. While viewing every blog that he has posted i came across a sweet little notebook reminiscent of my favored Moleskine note books, so after examining the insides and outs of FIELD NOTES and their use of FUTURA in all of the type i thought i should share this with fellow rocker as we both share the love of small notebooks. SO for 9.99 plus too much for shipping we sent away for them! Last night we got them in and found a sweet pen and pencil in addition as well as a sweet decal and calender! YUMMY! It's graph paper inside (my favorite) and the lines are like a khaki colour.

SO here are the pros versus the M notebooks:

Inside the front cover theres printed lines of who the book belongs to, pertinent coordinates, the start/completion date of that specific notebook, sweet graph paper with khaki lines as said earlier, in the back inside cover there is a ruler printed on the edge, a short story of how FIELD NOTES got started, 1-30 ways to use your FIELD NOTES ex. Last Will/Testament, Small Schematics, Treasure maps, Shoddy sketches. All printed in the states, w/ recycled goodness. You get 3 notebook that have 48 pages each, just like the small M note books.

Here are the cons versus the M notebooks:

No back pocket! I use that skinny pocket all the time for scraps of found goodness, no pages that detach in the back (if you want to jot something down quick styles to give to someone without ripping the rest of your works out in their hand), and its bound by 3 staples instead of sewed in.

OVERALL i still do enjoy the prestige of the classy look to these new FIELD NOTES, when i pick up my new FN pen and this notebook i feel like i'm going to contribute more beauty to this world that i've discovered or made. It's like putting on a new pair of kicks. It changes your whole day :D

get some and test em out, FN tells you to email them with scans of how you are using their notebooks, how sweet is that? WORD! check em out! hit em up! Get more beauty out! :D