Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wouldn't it be Nice

Last year in the middle of GVs tour in support of Let Those Who Have Ears Hear we played at Tomfest in WA. While walking on the dirt roads i heard a sound check involving harmonica which was a far stretch from all the screamo i had been hearing 10am till 3am the past 2 days OUCH. So i walk down to the left out door stage to see these boys begin their set. RUTH is their name-0 as an acronym for 'Return Us To Him' as their mission statement. The lead singer had a Jon Foreman kinda voice and the music was a pop/rock, so i stopped by for the entire set and just loved em up :D This week the tune of stuck rewind is 'Mr. Turner' from their record "Secondhand Dreaming" oh and can you believe they're signed to Tooth and Nail? nothing like a T & N band. You may have heard them on tour last year with Relient K and Switchfoot during the Rebuild Tour. I feel instantly lifted up when i listen to these tunes, i just have to smile. The music isn't crazy complicated and i'm not blown away by them, but I dig them so much.

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Karli Ann said...

my new friend from tour (joel p. west) did some cool shirt designs for them. i think you would totally dig the harmonica one...

check it out!