Thursday, May 8, 2008


Here are a couple more of my latest pieces, i continue with the ugly theme (its scary how natural it is to create these faces) My newest one was done today the pink 'you don't want to know' kid it seems really glum, but theres a floating bottle with a message in it for a glimmer of hope. Also a sequel to my previous French beret wearing mournful smoking gent. The foot one is really gross, i was looking at my foot and drew it and then i had to get it DONE UGLY!


Ben said...

Woah man, crazy! I really like the work you're doing on top of the type. It creates so much dimension.

"You don't want to know" holds a strong presence of gloom. Real gloom. I like it because I can actually feel it by just looking at the image. As a photographer, if there's no emotion in a photograph, it's really just eye candy, and nothing substantial. Because I can feel the emotion, it becomes so much stronger to me.

Bravo! It's good to see more work from you!

Sarah Jane said...

I like the whale one....stay away from feet =).