Monday, January 7, 2008

Trusting past the senses

i hate the currents leaving me split
i hate the today's getting me shook
worries are here and they are tomorrow
i need to hear your 'peace be still'
to remind me of why i follow

i think past the too much
defining details from the vague
creating stories out of circumstance
not giving room to the benefits of doubt

i plead deliverance
let my face be in your hands again


erica said...

... "not giving room to the benefits of doubt"....

i will think on that.

Tommy said...

i feel as thought i should elaborate: i ment that part to mean 'give the benefit of doubt' like you heard someone did something bad news and then you haven't approached them about it, so you don't assume they did till they say it to your face, so its kinda in a way preserving their innocense. thats what i meant.

i don't believe in doubt, that there's ever a place for it in our walk with our God, thats not to say there are things we don't understand, theres this place of awe in the presence of our God that we can't make sense of it in our finite minds, i feel the same way in the vein of 'oh you need the dark to appreciate the light' i disagree completely, theres crappy situations that i don't need to ever go thru to recognize God as the best option ya know? k. i hope that made sense. if not shout me out!

vanja. said...

'trusting past the senses'
this is where i am today.

PROMISE over fear.
FAITH over feeling.
HOPE over despair.

To throw your hands up and say
'I won't let you let me feel less than i am worth.'