Sunday, January 6, 2008

Get loved on, then love!

I told my brother ben the other day 'the more i look at God the more i realize how much love really isn't man made' and he responds with 'yeah well the more i look at this world i realize how love really isn't man made' and i respond with 'touche' .

I'm learning more and more the selflessness of love, to value someone outside of what your desires are for them, to value them outside of the return, to value them with you not in the picture, that they have the handiwork of the Creator and thats the weight in gold, not the good works they do, how beautiful they are, what they have, how amazing they are to me, and then as well the opposite of all the good too but also the negative aspects of them that would depreciate their value, what wrongs they've done to me, how horribly they've handled situations, how they've copped out, how they've betrayed, what they don't have financially or materially,

God spoke it true 'i'm looking at the heart son, and the rest of my children look on the outside'

so i'm getting this vision correction in check. I'm not saying hey i'm looking at the heart that He is looking at, and since He worked it into being that that's the value, nah its not their heart, its that they've been graced by the hands of God that stamps it true and lovable. I'm never to put God value into someone else, there is a value that is strictly Gods. And that is that we are created in His image, so to say that 'i feel complete because of her, or because of these things, or because of my positions, or my wealths' is complete idolatry! why? because to put your value in whats broke makes you broke in the end, whats not perfect is gonna hurt you, gonna tear you gonna dissapoint you, and ultimately their hands did NOT create you with the capacity to love and to choose, our greatest love must be returned to the greatest love that formed us with every detail that we are. Thats the value i speak of, to assign my personal value in the hands of another broken person will just get me more broke, my complete satisfaction and value must be in recognizing that I am Gods and to live in all His beautiful purpose with my best stewardship.

Thats not to say that i don't feel great when i'm told that i'm cherished by the ones i love or by compliments of things i've done or who i am, these are all very significant and important to all of our growth, but as my mum says 'these are little hugs from God' meaning, this all comes back to God showing His value for us, letting the lines fall in the right places for us, working out all things for our very best, letting grace abound where sin wreaks havoc. To love someone is to love them as God does. So how do you learn then but by being in the presence of the Author of love constantly? 'pray without ceasing' commune with the one you love always, just like you would with the person/persons you adore so head over heels for.

Get loved on, then love friends!


Kirklinn Scott Thomas said...

amen! unless you love god first and foremost, you can't properly love your fellow man, flaws and all. his love is boundless and whole, and when we share it we are not the richer for the giving.

gravicca said...

tommy! thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insight on love. i like this line you wrote "to put your value in whats broke makes you broke in the end, whats not perfect is gonna hurt you, gonna tear you gonna dissapoint you, and ultimately their hands did NOT create you with the capacity to love." it's so true. love is something i've been trying to truly understand myself these days. my input/opinions will not do your blog justice, so i'm just gonna say "amen" and "ditto" to everything you wrote :). looking forward to seeing you and the others soon at 24-seven (yes, i go there now!).

erica said...

i love your mum's quote... little hugs from god. i got one of those last week through a client. it came completely unexpected and all the more incredibly beautiful. it was as if god reached out to hug me through a random client and said, "well done".

i'll talk to you soon...

Ben said...

Bravo Tommy! If we could all learn and live this, what a different place this would be. Thank about that!

Thank you for sharing your words. They gave me the shivers they're so good. I think these are some of my favorite.

vanja. said...

i am grateful for people like you tommy...that are able to put to words what my heart is thinking but i cannot say myself.

you are blessing others through it!
these words are more than wonderful. they are inspired.