Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I notice your approach and i
have no defenses.

I now can always see you coming.

You're no stranger and yet not a friend
as frequent time would have it be.

The way you take to me now has
two prints made, so stumble, fall, and break with no recovery.

There's one door and my friend lies in its space
and He cannot be overcome.

To you I have crumbled, but to just hear His voice
means you will have it worse then what you've done to me.

So stumble, fall, and break with no recovery

I'm done, i've been wanting to be done, living to be done.

You may be dark and without features, but you're not mine
to capture, to Him all darkness is light, the night as day
my mind as whole, the impossible possible, my heart as clay

So stumble, fall, and break with no recovery

I'm done.


vanja. said...

our state is quite awful in raw honesty. it's beautiful to be saved from it. it's wonderful that it's possible. and that it's already won.

your words are inspiring.

Patrick said...

This is awesome and exciting to read. The sermon yesterday at Village church was really good. Pastor Bruce talked about this same truth, that it's impossible for us to overcome. It's just not possible.
With God though all things are possible.

I need Thee every hour.

Don't try, TRUST.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they will recognized their great need and depend on the Almighty God.

gravicca said...

wow. amazing. so amazing and so what i'm feeling that i wish i wrote it. :p god bless you, tommy.