Thursday, August 23, 2007

To Be Familiar Again

Being on tour has made me miss being in one place for more then a week and letting things become familiar again. I share what happened tonight. I'm here in spokane for 2 weeks just kickin' it before going back on the road and i go get coffee with my friend nick. While i'm at a coffee place i see a gent i had seen earlier in the week at another coffee joint called the Empyrean. I forgot what it was like to see familiar people in other places. It wasn't that you had to know them, but that you recognized them, maybe it was how they walked, or how they said something, or that bizzarre clothing item they would randomly wear that was so them. Or maybe it was the guy i saw tonight who only wears black from tshirt to pants to shoes because he's a die hard black rebel motorcycle club fan. It's seeing the familiar stranger that i miss. Being on the road has taken this from me, and it kinda makes me sad. So BRMC guy in black, you made my day and i hope to know your name soon, the next time i see you.

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