Monday, August 27, 2007

As of Now

I could go for my Virgil's rootbeer in the fridge (its all natural and the best darn hootin' root beer anyone has done had), I miss my lady, I got new kicks and they are the LaCoste! I've wanted a pair since i knew they made shoes and then low and behold a friend led me to the wonders of a place called "NORDSTOM RACK" and there in my size 8 black looking like chucks with a white alligator on the side whispering 'buy me', it happened, i would love to learn French again and disapear for a month or so in france and tell no one except people who would want to go with me, i should start doing sit ups 'don't leave me metabolism, was it something i said? its not you, its me', what must i do to earn a quick grand for an airplane ticket? anyone help. thats about all for a Sunday night. OH and i really want to see "the lives of others" a german film, that looks absolutely brilliant! here's a pic of it:


Jackie said...

I cannot believe you have not heard of "Nortrom Rack." There is one right in Factoria. Funny how you just bought some shoes with an alligator on the side... I just bought some with a little owl... hmm...

Melissa said...

my parents are going to Paris in September... you could hide in a suitcase or something.

While you are gone, I could take care of Patrick & Bruce. You wouldnt have to worry.