Thursday, August 23, 2007

History of Violence

I was told today a shocking fact. From the 60's to the 80's prisons in the states doubled, and from the 80's till today the prisons in the states have quadrupled ! This is frightening to me. There are too many signs that this world is on a short time frame. There's a verse in the New Testament that says several things about the conditions this world will be in right before the return of God to claim His people that love Him. One of these that has always stuck out in my mind is the part that says 'many hearts will grow cold'. As many marriages continue to fail i think of this. I see the fruit of patience not being cultivated much or any longer. Getting along with people is being pushed out the window and replaced more and more with self pleasing convenience. This degenerate nature of our minds continuing screams that a time of Noah is so close, imagine God looking at this earth and out of His mercy saying there needs to be a stop or His own creation will wipe itself out and out of 2 Million people at the time only finding 8 people left that weren't affected by every scheme of the evil one?! Thats crazy! How about now? How many more staggering statistics must we see or happen to us to wake us up to that Gods love must be seen and decided with the little time that is left?

At the end of this fact i was told that by 2020 half of juvenile ages will be in prison. Half of 10-17 yr olds will be in prison. Half of this worlds youth will be in prison because of the growing coldness of our hearts. Scary? This is only one of the many destroying features of sin. The many facets of sin are gathering now and gaining momentum. I strongly believe we are the few grains of sand left in the hour glass, lets be the salt and light that we saw in Jesus while there is still time for our close ones and strangers to decide.

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erica said...

i would love to have a lengthy discussion with you on this topic... i like your thoughts...