Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thomas Adam Moffitt

Every week I look at Boston globes incredible photo coverage of whats happening in this world. I was scanning thru their latest post on the currents of Afghanistan and was chilled by this picture of Thomas Adam Moffitt. His stoic face with pimples, short hair cut, in his best uniform with the colors behind him made me think of my brother Zachary who is in the service. It looked just like him and the more I look at this picture the more I see my brothers face. Thomas Adam Moffitt died a week ago in Afghanistan at the age of 21. My brother just turned 21.

It's an emotional aching swirl that tugs at so many strings of life, belief, ethics, family. I grow weary of the heightened fear of terrorism thats mass distributed by every outlet, I don't want to see this face above and not be moved. I don't want to feel casual about death in any of its avenues. I don't want to feel that the death of any one is acceptable.


Melissa said...

this is probably going to sound silly, but I never really understood war. I mean, no one really understands WHY it happens, but I what I mean is I never understood why people enlist. I never understood why they would put themselves out there for the war, I never understood why they feel the call, or the pride and courage that goes in fighting for our our country...

UNTIL I started watching the show ARMY WIVES (on Lifetime). OK, maybe it sounds silly... But, that show is awesome, it's not just about the wives, either. I think they do a good job at showing war, or at least the closest I think I'll see to what it has to be like in the middle east, plus it shows all the struggles and heartache that goes on in the solders lives, but also in the lives of their loved ones. They don't gloss over it, either.

I can only imagine how scary it would be to have a blood relative over there. I'm going to try keeping Zach in my prayers.

Josh said...

deeply moved.


Jade Eleanor said...

I was so struck when I saw this portrait on Boston Big Picture, so much so that I googled him to see what came up, this is how I came across your post.

There is something about his beautiful striking face that makes me incredibly sad, and haunts me, he is so young, it is such a tragedy that someone so beautiful and young as this lost his life due to war.

May God be with your brother and also you.


(21, England)

Sarah Jane said...

I didn't realize your brother was serving. Prayers to your family.