Saturday, September 25, 2010

Patrick Toney

I've known Patrick since 2000. Since then we've done a lot together: Went to Mexico and upon our return started a band with Bruce Pearson, gone thru many hair styles, many all nighters, dated sisters (I'm still with mine :D) , went to a Seattle Super Sonics basketball game before Oklahoma took em, grew out our beards for a month with our good friend Mert, moved to Seattle and shared the same roof for the last 6 yrs, we've been accountable to each other in many areas, we've eaten SO many fried egg sandwiches and ramen (he likes putting pieces of lettuce in his), we've shared some design projects recently that I only see getting bigger/better, we've made each other endless pots of French Press, we've jumped in on the same melody/harmony/whistle out of the blue countless times, we've shared a lot of clothes, we've spotted each other so many times, we've become firm on Coca Cola.

This is what I can think of in a couple minutes. He had a birthday on Thursday and had the good fortune of having his mom here for it. I count Tric the dearest of friends and am blessed to call him my brother. Pat him on the back the next time you see him, if you gain him as a friend your life will be richer in SO many ways.