Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Gotta Girl

I have a girl and we're both from Michigan. We love to go to the lake and she'd probably say that she loves to go to the lake and that she has to drag me along until I say 'babe, that's not true, I love the lake'. This one time we got a spicy chiken sandwhich, medium frie, lrg coke on the way to the lake. She wasn't hungry and jus said 'I'll have a bite of yours' which meant that in a short few minutes she would actually be hungry and I would give half of everything I would have to her even though she would be like 'no babe, i don't want to eat your food, jus eat it' and what man could sit around eating food when his girl is hungry? ALWAYS get more than one frie.
We both have sweet teal shoes.

Things I sometimes forget about Vanja: She can speak Croatian fluently. Crazy right? She only pulls out the eastern tongue for the Sabbath blessing and when speaking to the fam. Mob? She can be really street hard, faces, getting things done, clothes, music, hand signs, did I mention faces? She loves fresh flowers and I never get them for her, food or flowers...never mind, that's a lost battle, FLOWERS. She loves kids, being around em, teaching them, playing, taking care of, I see such a beautiful side of her when she's around children, it's oh so nice. She's FEARLESS, seriously, what she's willing to do, jump out of planes, take buses late at night, invite homeless people to join our table when we eat out, do dishes as soon as we're done eating, grocery shop with a ravenous boy, move to Seattle to be closer to me :D WOOT WOOT!

Something I forget about myself: I love my birth place Paris, when I hear someone speak French my mind works differently, new synapsis, old memories, I melt a little and then get sad because I don't speak French and haven't been home since '86. I'd like to spend a chunk of my life in France one day, reconnect with my family, work and write French music.

This is what a Friday evening in Michigan looks like during the summer. I didn't edit this photo at all, just like this. I miss Michigan and I miss my girl too.

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