Monday, December 7, 2009


This image by Norman Rockwell has been in my head since I awoke this morning. Thoughts about prayer have been very persistent this week for a divine reason. Maybe for rebuke or encouragement. These thoughts and images have been haunting like a well crafted pop hook, the one you sing over and over again to the point you don't realize you're doing it. (I feel like i've written these very words before) This picture reminds me of so many things, my grandparents, my walk, this past Sabbaths' sermon, Sabbath, counting my blessings...there's so much I could write about right this minute. Instead just take a look at the picture above and take a moment with your thoughts, grab a pen, get on your knees, pick up that neglected book, listen to a great song that feeds you and uplifts you, have some you time :D

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Candice said...

This picture is such an encouragment to me! Wow!! I had to look at it twice to notice the woman and little boy praying.

My house had a lot of discussion about what Tuesday Night dinners would look like. Should we pray before dinner with such a large group (that may include some people who don't call themselves Christians)? We, of course, want to be welcoming place for all people. And at first we thought that praying before a meal would scare non-"pray"-ers away. However, after much discussion we realized that praying before meals is something we do. Hiding such a practice would be like compartmentalizing our faith, instead of allowing it to permeate every aspect of our lives. So, we decided to keep praying before meals with the big group on Tuesday Nights.

I love that this woman in the picture, too, has decided that whether she's sitting down to a homecooked meal in her dining room, or whether she's sharing a table with strangers at the corner cafe, that she is going to thank God for the food He has provided.

Thanks for sharing, Tommy!