Wednesday, December 2, 2009


"Prayer is not an expiation of sin; it has no virtue or merit of itself. All the flowery words at our command are not equivalent to one holy desire. The most eloquent prayers are but idle words if they do not express the true sentiments of the heart. But the prayer that comes from an earnest heart, when the simple wants of the soul are expressed, as we would ask an earthly friend for a favor, expecting it to be granted - this is the prayer of faith. God does not desire our ceremonial compliments, but the unspoken cry of the heart broken and subdued with a sense of its sin and utter weakness finds its way to the Father of all mercy."

- Ellen White, Thoughts From The Mount of Blessing

I just re-blogged this from Mr. Matthew Park, SO NEEDED this today! I mean EVERYDAY

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Patrick said...

I can't believe you and Bruce posted this quote on the same day without knowing the other had posted it.