Friday, September 18, 2009


The end of last week i was at my friends Adam & Diannas' weddin' which was amazin and ya'll should look forward to the craft of Ben Blood revealing the Brit spirit that was present. I'll just show an amazing shirt that one of the grooms men was wearing, apparently his sister got it at TJmax for him! SO GOOD

After recovering from the festivities of the weekend we relaxed by making a short film called 'Attack of the alien meteor' in our garage :D Ben, Nicole & Dallas, Tric and I. You can watch it on trics blog.

Later that night Ben and I met up with Casey & Brian of Paper Astronomer to watch a documentary on 3 guitar legends, YOWZAH, it was crazy inspiring. YUM. I wrote a bit more on the garagevoice blog if you want to know more.

I ended this week today with a long trip to Ikea with 2 of my favorite peoples Ben & Vanja. I have a new plant that is yellow spotted to join my other blades-o-plenty plant :D. I also scored some sweet thicker than normal tea candles :D i love me my mood lighting!

After the non-sense of traffic we decided that coffee at Victrolas on 15th was the best way to unwind, but not before stopping by Sonic Boom for a peek at what was in. To my joy i found one of my top ten records of all time on vinyl! BECK : SEACHANGE I can't wait to listen to it on record, so perfect for vinyl. Vanja found the new Cave Singers who we are currently really stoked on! There first record is so terrific that the follow up has to be as well...right?! Ben scored an Sir Elton John rarities record that i've never seen, on which Sir EJ covers J.Fogherty, Cat Stevens, Sir Paul McCartney and others...thats gonna be an amazing listen.

After our treasure find we made are way to Victrola and savored some drinks. The barista taught me the pattern of my shirt ( i can't remember the word now..DANG!) and as she did this i saw this amazing little note on the register:

Heck yeah! I think this is an amazing statement for a city culture that tends to cater on closing in on yourself from everyone around you. Hurrah Victrola, you know where its at!

Vanja and i went to vespers at Yasis casa (who led out ! ) and got our "chat and hang out" on.


Das iz all for diz veek!

Thank you iphone for your grainy pics, you own!

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Malachi Ward said...

I'm jealous of that shirt... I'm not sure if I should reveal that I know Bones is wearing the wrong color uniform...

Melissa said...

she's right!

Blue is the standard color of Starfleet medical personnel.

Ben said...

gingham. like bing but with a "g". that's what she said. the barista.