Thursday, September 24, 2009


My Papa was the one who introduced a lot of new music to me growing up. He took me to my first rock show -> Aerosmith and bought me new albums as the artists released them. The first videos i watched on MTV were of Pearl Jams Ten record, Jeremy, Alive, Oceans, These in my mind as a youngin' were instantly amazing. I was seeing music as raw and a vessel to digest/process emotions.

I can remember seasons of my life around Pearl Jam record releases ex: Vs. my summers in Arizona, No Code. My summer in Alaska, Yield. ending my sophomore yr and getting to know Jesus personally. Now with this release I'm in a new marvelous place, pursuing my 2 passions of music and art with my best friends Tric, Bruce, & Mike, Vanja is in Seattle ( happy 1 yr anniversary for moving out here!) so no more long distance, I have my own room again!, i have a steady job, these are all really good things that require a lot of me and test and push me, and its nice to have another Pearl Jam record to be the backdrop for such goodness as so many before have been.

Thanks Papa for keeping me current with music and believing that i can do music with my life. I Love You! I sure hope i can get Eddie Vedder to sing on a song i write one day, What a full circle that would be :D

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Melissa said...

I got your text.. that would be fun to listen to sometime :)