Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Will Give You Rest

I need a retreat. It could entail all of this:Good old out doors, camp fire, henry winehards rootbeer, smores, good conversations, good guy time, time for reading, carkeek, holding vanjas hand, long baths, lots of veggies and fruits, comfy clothes, being warm, alone time, classical guitar picking, journaling with pen & paper, good sermons/talks/devotionals, rosario beach, a full tank of gas.

I need a breath and good thing Sabbath is here! I don't want to hear/see/say anything about anything else that would suck me back into my work week, i just want rest. Thank you Jesus!


Anonymous said...

amen to that!

TIP TOP said...

you and guy time...sheesh
i think you need some you and girl time.

good grief!

Sarah Jane said...

I could use a lot of a few of the things you mentioned....most significantly God time.