Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We climb

Mount Si is 4 miles up and requires water, snacks,
and great com padres!
About 10 of us or so went up
the last day the Snell boys were here and the
was so rewarding. I kinda went Ansel Adams
on the top photo.
To squeeze the view into a
tiny picture on this blog doesn't do it justice.

My poor knees have yet to forgive me
and remind me of their irate attitude
with every step.
The boys greet me with 'hi cowboy' as to the manner in

which i plant my steps, it does kinda look like
i just got off a 'hawsss...' (horse)

I'm really really blessed to have a camera,
thanks ben you've been so kind
to me with this gift.
I want these photos to always show you my thanks!


Ben said...

Awe. It looks like you boys had fun. I would have love to come. The photos of the hands, and Nick looking off to the left are my favorites.

Sarah Jane said...

umm that mountain looks like it would eat me. You however looked like you rocked out. Looks like you are having a blast! Miss you too much, great catching up the other day =D

Melissa said...

one time... in May, I think... I made it halfway up, which is really good for me.

Thanks for sharing your photos... I always wondered what Mt Si looked like from the top ;-)

fomori said...
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