Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sea-Town with the Snells

These next couple days are my last days with my friend/brother Nick Snell who has been out in WA for the past 2 years being a Youth Pastor his first year and our Worship Pastor at 24/7 the 2nd year. His brother Naaman flew out to enjoy his last days with us and then take him home to Michigan. Here are some snaps from today!


TIP TOP said...

man tommy these are really fantastic!
i'm really impressed. i only wish they had some grain to make em have some character, digital is just TOO clean sometimes. but YOUR work is fabulous.

Ben said...

boy, you got some fresh snaps here. the "seattle room," the one of nick below, and of course, tric on the escalator are all superb. I think you need more contrast in your black and whites in general.