Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This is the car that I've kinda been wanting since its make. YUM. It's the young professional car. It's trendy, signifies some sort of good income, fresh and actually has enough room in the back that means room for friends not just for yourself like other sporty cars. The grill slays me, especially with the little red trim! Nice gas mileage, its German which = great design! I'm not really a car guy in the macho sense 'hey there pal (3 pats on the back embrace, each pat for each word 'i'm not gay') whats under the hood?', i can't tell you years, or how everything is suppose to work, i like things that look tight and clean, kinda like the whole Apple branding of all their marketing stuff, clean, great use of negative space, bold, like that. I think a nice white Apple sticker in the back window would look super cool too. So aside from the macho car, this is kinda geek-chic, ( i push up my glasses and fondly brush my Mac with tender affection ). One day: white VW GTi & white high tops. I'll start with the kicks :D


Karli Ann said...

so silly, but so hip. hehehe.

Melissa said...

ehh... that car... that GTI (cough, cough, modern version of the Rabbit)... It is everything you just said.

But, its not in the same league as MY VW.