Friday, November 23, 2007

Fresh Collective!

I had the joy tonight of writing music with 3 other people that i don't usually write anything with! It was wild, understanding how people process, create, contribute to a collective, it was a completely fresh experience for me. Its also nice because generally i write a bunch very consistently, but as of late (1.5 weeks) I haven't written much just a song or 2, which for the first time was a relief in a way. Usually i get kinda worried when i don't write a new song every certain amount of days, but to write something new with 3 new people was SWEET! My good friend Tyler played mandolin and sang background, Vanja sang harmonies and played flute, Jay played guitar and sang background and i sang lead and did standard chords. It happened very quickly, the words the progressions, and Jay took the chorus and brought it out of major key it was in and minored it and maybe even changed the key? AMAZING! Tomorrow i hear the bridge that he is suppose to write for it! At one part we are all singing and throwing in another instrument here and there till the verse was pumpin'! Yummy Yum Yum! Its so nice.

Whatever you do, i encourage to experience it with someone else who is in the same vein but does it differently, a lovely time!