Saturday, September 8, 2007

Name of the Familiar Stranger

(This is a conclusion to a previous blog below called "to be familiar again")

Tonight i saw the familiar stranger! Thats right, the gent who wears all black and likes BRMC a lot! He was at the same coffee house as i, so as i promised in my below blog i had to find out his name and make him a stranger no more! His name is Adam, he's a engineer at a sound studio, he recommends vynal shops to me in spokane, we exchange how we both know one of my favorite singers "Gemma Hayes", I tell him the story of how wonderful it was seeing a familiar stranger, he laughs, we shake hands, i notice hes wearing black chucks, black jeans, black tshirt, black jacket. This is oh so nice. I've started eliminating the strangers i run into, especially people in professions that are required to have name tags. So when i'm at a restaurant, gas station, toll booth, grocery store, record shop, i use their names. I make it a point to share that i see them more then their work uniform, that to me they are human. It makes so much difference, do it, watch them glow!


Karli Ann said...

adam, he's great! i'm glad you talked to him.

Tommy said...

hes a blast! I only know of the BRMC because of you, and then when i approached him i said, hey is it true you are a fan of the brmc? he smiled in a laughing way like how would i know, it was terrific!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Here's a friendly reminder... when someone's name tag has a two-part name, use both names ;-)

You know, back when I worked with a large amount of people in public everyday (i.e. movie theater cashier), I always thought it was creepy when people would read my name tag -- unless it was a regular. But, yet, when I worked in speciality retail (i.e. Jockey's Underwear Outlet store), I was working so closely with customers, it seemed strange if they didnt use my name. Hmm, odd.