Friday, September 14, 2007

A Film, A Hope, A Human Discovery

As desired for several weeks now i finally have been given the opportunity to watch a German film called "The Live of Others". To speak in detail would be an injustice to the creators as well as to you who haven't had the chance to see it yet. I shall only tell you what i new before i saw of it. It takes place during the unsettling times of East and West Germany and closely observes the lives of those in position of power and those in the expression of art. One gent is ordered to tap a director/play writers' house to expose any conspiracies that could threaten the socialist cause but in doing so discovers more selfish reasons for its demand. That is all that i can share. It has left me thrilled, nervous, and hopeful.

It leaves me thinking that everyone is an artist. Everyone has been given the gift of creating something and who am I to define it as art or not? God being the Creator of our life and everything around it and saying that we are in His image makes me think that He would also give this privilege to us, but not in a way of creating from nothing. Only God can have that great responsibility, just seeing what are hands have made without that is a terrible thing to digest. I begin to see people who do what they were created to do with joy and continuing perfection and that not only satisfies their fulfillment and place in life but also benefits those around in a positive stimuli as artists. For instance, i hated working at Trader Joes because it didn't fill any of my desires, but to see some of my friends who knew their job inside & out who were always looking for ways to better the place for customers and for workers, i see them as artists.

There is the greatest of satisfactions of doing what you were created to do, and maybe for some who do not have a personal walk with their Creator, this is their closest avenue to hearing His voice, that they are His, that they were created out of His love, they are His masterpiece. This makes me think of how precious we are to our God, and through this intimacy of doing what you were created to do and not fully know God, in a way is another clue, a whisper from God:

"you are too precious to be by chance".

PS: if you end up watching this film, i recommend these 3 German films as well that are in a way in the same vein. "Goodbye Lenin", "Edukators", and "Sophia Scholl: Final days"

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