Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My friend Kaylyn has worked the past several summers for Spirit Walker Expeditions as a kayak guide + photographer. Several months back she told me she had passed my name to one of the owners of SWE as they were looking into a new logo. After some great conversations over the phone / email we started digging into the project. I wanted one of the main highlights of a kayak trip to be featured (whale spotting) and keep font work reminiscent of old national park wood signs out front of its property. Several versions later + incredible insights from Stephen & Jai we wound down to the above. Working with people who communicate well makes my job a breeze & gets me all the detail I need to do my job right.

I can't wait to get to Alaska and experience one of their tours first hand, have a looksy at what these fine people offer and what you can encounter in Alaska ->HERE