Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Young Lions is a band that doesn't play enough in my opinion, BUT they have a SWELL show coming up at the High Dive! It's an incredible line up (have you seen BJA with his band?!), gonna be hoot n' holla show. Jus sayin'. Brad (drummer of YL) wanted the poster to convey the camaraderie between the bands + have a blue collar feel. I took the colors from an old union card from the 30's that I found, I discovered the font LEAGUE GOTHIC (thanks Karli!), and I discovered some new techniques on accident in Illustrator that allowed me to imitate line art / manual gradient. The blade for rock n' roll edge, the shaking hands for the united effort of the bands, the globe in hopes this kinda thing continues to spread. BLAH.

Come to this show! I'll be there too!

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