Thursday, December 16, 2010


The Courage asked me to do a print for their special New Years Day show at The Triple Door. Noah + I looked at a lot of prints and what we liked about different pieces for about 2 weeks. It's nice finding out other artistic appreciations from musician friends. Noah has a great sense of artistic value and why things work, it was great narrowing down a direction because of this.

How The Triple Door looks and runs their business instantly holds class. I wanted the poster to reflect that as well as the organic strength of The Courage. I listened to their record "Fearful Bones" on repeat for days and kept coming back to their song 'Wandering Bird'. I drew 2 diff. bird versions and offset them a bit. I then placed the hook line in a gear and surrounded the piece with a border to make it look more like a book. I like doing little things that break the piece so I pulled the image through the frame for a little touch. I went Audubon on this.

Noah + Ivan came to help me print them, they were warriors, we braved black outs too, the electric kind. Here's some snaps of the process:


The Body Electric said...

Oh my goodness TOMMY!!!! Have you heard of this guy!?!?! I just stumbled across this post today and Nate and I are totally enamored with this guys idea! Thought it was something you'd get a kick out of as well!

Keiko / Small Adventure said...

Oh man this makes me want to screenprint. BADLY.