Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We are officially back in Seattle.

We came over here just this past friday
and played at our friends wedding.
People keep asking me
'how does it feel to be back in seattle?'
or 'are you excited to get back to seattle'
and generally my response has been
'it's just another city to me'.
I don't say that to hate,
but after being everywhere
living from house to house,
no certain place is special to me
besides my home in Michigan.

I have great friends here,
i love the mountains and outdoors here,
its better for what we are doing thats for sure.

Now more than ever do i count the sacrifice.


Matthew said...

I <3 Tommy. And Garage Voice, sort of. But falsetto, definitely. If I'm ever in the west, I'm huntin' you down! And lovely designs as always. More please. :)

Sarah Jane said...

Umm Michigan misses you too =( Especially me and the baby.