Saturday, July 21, 2007

Video Shoot!

2 Weeks ago we filmed a music video for our song 'Safe From All Alarms', i'm a bit partial to the song because it is my favorite on our new record. Our good friends from high school back in the day asked to do it for us and seeing that they are 1 Good people 2 Have amazing stuff it was easy to take them up on it. We were in the studio from 10am till 6pm, i had a guitar around my neck for most of those hours, but also got to do some solo singing style as well. My greatest fear is making something cheezy in the music video world yikes! I was bit apprehensive to do anything with such short notice but we met and talked our ideas out. My idea was to use a lot of lighting like i had seen in a Shout Out Louds video, if you type that band name into YouTube and watch the "Please, please, please" song you'll have an idea of what i was building our music video around! I love working with people that totally understand you, they hear you and your vision and create it out of their means and it ends up looking and sounding like what you saw in your head! I love connecting with folks that get you. So i took my Mac and eye port thing and snapped some shots, Ben Blood is in some! woot woot! Tric is working with one of the boys John Hood on the editing tomorrow, so i'm sure mucho good will come from it. Here is ruff look at what went down!

Tim Wolfer, Me, John Hood

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