Friday, August 29, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Homeless:Check| Jobless: Check

It's actually nice to be here in seattle. The cool weather, the familiar places, the creative opportunities budding at every moment, the good friends. At the same time of being here
its very weird to be homeless and jobless in a place that is so familiar.

On the road its one thing, always new, new people, new places, new venues, new eats, you are kinda geared to repeat the cycle constantly but being in one place with every familiarity intimately and intricately known and not having a solid place to be apart of makes it bizarre.
One thing that makes being homeless livable is knowing 2 other guys are in the same boat, having little possessions and the right equipping to serve our collected vision and living out of one bag keeps living simple and forces you to live on very little.

Sometimes it's hard not being able to have the simple pleasures of buying something for yourself when you weigh it as a meal or an art magazine, a meal or 6 dollar shoes from Value Village, a meal or some new music, a meal or a new movie. Outside of food i've only purchased
a new sketchbook, a new pen, a 99 cent vinyl of Benny Goodman live in Paris and The Black Keys Magic Potion which is impossible to find, and a ticket to see the new Batman movie. Outside of those things i've spent all that i have on food. I've been doing some free lancing in the design field and thats been a healthy outside of GV thing to do, i'm praying for more opportunities that will actually give me some cash flow.

Our plan is to be in Seattle for awhile, get a place, do shows consistantly, make GV be known as band from Seattle. So it's nice to have that surety being here, we just have to find out the hows of jobs, places, timing. All that good stuff that makes worry a victor at times.

I always reread and reread what i post and looking at this has some gross grammatical and weird flows, but i don't really want to bother with the corrections. These are my currents.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I love being in the same town as this chap.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls are said to be higher than the Niagara falls.
Every time i see it though i don't think it to be.
I just saw the majesty of Niagara a couple of months back
and it maybe its volume and thunderous sound that outweighs
the falls here in WA. It's still wonderfulto view and i'd like to share.

If you are out this way, it's worth seeing.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We climb

Mount Si is 4 miles up and requires water, snacks,
and great com padres!
About 10 of us or so went up
the last day the Snell boys were here and the
was so rewarding. I kinda went Ansel Adams
on the top photo.
To squeeze the view into a
tiny picture on this blog doesn't do it justice.

My poor knees have yet to forgive me
and remind me of their irate attitude
with every step.
The boys greet me with 'hi cowboy' as to the manner in

which i plant my steps, it does kinda look like
i just got off a 'hawsss...' (horse)

I'm really really blessed to have a camera,
thanks ben you've been so kind
to me with this gift.
I want these photos to always show you my thanks!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sea-Town with the Snells

These next couple days are my last days with my friend/brother Nick Snell who has been out in WA for the past 2 years being a Youth Pastor his first year and our Worship Pastor at 24/7 the 2nd year. His brother Naaman flew out to enjoy his last days with us and then take him home to Michigan. Here are some snaps from today!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Night Time in Spokane

This homeless kid younger me says 'hey what you taking pictures of? Whats the time? hey take a picture of me and my self portrait. Can i use your phone? K have a good night' I was sad in Spokane. I also miss Zac Fairbanks a lot. He's legend.

P-Tone & T-Pan COLAB!

We GV boys are going to do a tour with our pals Seven Years Absence soon! Tric and I put our minds together on this poster for this show coming up that will feature video work projected on us at the show, its kinda exciting!